Window display “Smysecret” Invisible orthodontic solutions by Smylife

Year: 2011. Location: Madrid, España.

Escaparate “Smysecret” de Smylife Escaparate “Smysecret” de Smylife 2 Escaparate “Smysecret” de Smylife 3

Smylife, probably the most advanced dental clinic in Spain, contacted us to participate in the creation of some window displays for one of its star products: The invisible retainer “Smysecret”.

“A ground-breaking challenge, no dental clinic does window displays”, we were told by the client.

How can a small and “invisible” product be presented in a window display? We designed a graphic campaign using UV lighting, the same light used in nightclubs which makes teeth, and indeed anything white, glow

in the dark. We created supports to present the invisible retainers in the foreground, as if they were floating, and then continued creating a

rhythm with the main characteristics of the product; “comfort”, “invisible”, “removable”. The rest is light and colour.

Materials: DM Wood + White opal methacrylate + LED lighting + Graphic on forex + Methacrylate brackets. 

Carlos Aires: Creativity and Project Management. Elena de Andrés:Illustration and final arts. Ikuo Maruyama: Photography.