Window display “Buy me an OhmyGOd necklace this Christmas”

Year: 2013. Location: Madrid, España. Title: OhmyGod Necklace.

Escaparate “Regálame un collar“ de OhmyGOd 1 Escaparate “Regálame un collar“ de OhmyGOd 2 Escaparate “Regálame un collar“ de OhmyGOd 3

Taking on the design of a Christmas window display is always a challenge and avoiding the clichés can be hard. This year we suggested centring the Christmas window display on the OhmyGOd Bestseller: The necklace.

In addition, we wanted a direct message, almost like a direct marketing campaign targeting this product.

We created a huge golden “necklace” to transmit the message and to present the best OhmyGOd product. The campaign was a success and the necklace was the most popular gift.

Materials: Cotton rope + Nylon thread + Gold paint + DM Wood. 

Carlos Aires: Creativity and Project Management. Aires Photo Spirit: Photography.