Window display “Bienvenido, Welcome” to the Santa María Pharmacy

Year: 2011. Location: Barcelona, España. Title: Apertura Farmacia Santa Maria.

Escaparate “Bienvenido, Bienvingut” de Farmacia Santa María Escaparate “Bienvenido, Bienvingut” de Farmacia Santa María 2

After the project to redesign the pharmacy, we proposed to our client that the first window be dedicated to welcoming the customers. And who better to do it than the protagonists of the Brand themselves, in other words Pasteur, Hoffman, Hahnemann and Pemberton, surrounded by a beautiful “garden” inspired by Klimt. Finally, all this is endorsed with the brand’s slogan “Santa Maria Pharmacy is new and makes miracles”.

Materials: Reboard + Vinyl + Forex 


Carlos Aires: Creativity and Project Management. Elena de Andrés: Illustrations and Sketches. Andreas Kyburz: Set Up. Juan Alfonso Zapata: Photography.