Window display and Communication campagin “Rita” for OhmyGOd

Year: 2014. Location: Madrid, Spain.

Escaparate “Rita” de OhmyGOd 1 Escaparate “Rita” de OhmyGOd 2 Escaparate “Rita” de OhmyGOd 3 Escaparate “Rita” de OhmyGOd 4 Escaparate “Rita” de OhmyGOd 5 Escaparate “Rita” de OhmyGOd 6 Escaparate “Rita” de OhmyGOd 7

The campaign follows a similar style to the one we started last year with Marilyn Monroe. This time it’s the turn of Rita Hayworth.

We imagine the classic movie star sitting at her dressing table, getting ready for a night out. We have designed a three-legged, highly stylized table, with some drawers in which items can be displayed and simulating mirrors we recapitulate the campaign’s three visuals.

We have created these visuals based on three original illustrations in pencil featuring Rita wearing items from the ‘OhmyGod’ collection. Nostalgia, elegance, good taste and a contemporary feel; this sums up how ‘OhmyGod’’s Rita Hayworth window display is perceived.

Materials: Lacquered DM furniture + photography printed on foam.

Carlos Aires: Creativity and design. Elena de Andrés: Sketches and Illustrations. Silvia Bellisco: Visual Merchandising. Aires Photo Spirit: Photography.