Communications plan based on the window display for Sephora

Year: 2008. Location: Barcelona, Spain.

An excellent example of how to bring the brand's communication and promotions plan to the window display.. Flagship. C.C Triangle. Barcelona. Spain.

Title of the window display: "Christmas Fever"

The idea was to materialise the  spirit of Studio 54 in the Christmas window display which was behind the "Christmas Fever" media campaign created by Sephora.

Two scenes were set up in the window to focus attention and make the shop visible. Achieving the disco look and atmosphere was key. For this purpose we devised a light cage from fluorescent pink lighting for each window display. 

In the background, real-sized figures made in DM were installed with different finishes such as silver photo paper and glitter. We already had the scene and the characters of the communications campaign prepared in the window display.

To finish we put different sized disco balls at the back as if they were Christmas bobbles.

Title of the window display: " Love Attack"

With the idea of celebrating  Valentine's Day, Sephora launched its "Love Attack" campaign. One of the requirements was that the window display had to work for both the exterior as well as the interior of the store.

We felt that the star of the campaign had an air of being a "witch", who was looking for a fight. What if the attack came directly from under her feet?

We divided the 9 meters of the window display into grids each measuring 15 x 15 cm, on this floor we placed more than 200 prisms made from passion red lacquer DM with measurements ranging from 15 cm to 270cm tall. We put the “Love Attack” message on some of the prisms using channel letters made from fluorescent lighting and Plexiglass mirror which gave an extra touch of brightness.

To finish, two reversible posters were added with the Sephora communications campaign.

Title of the window display: "Long Live the Guys"

Under the attractive title "Long Live the Guys" Sephora creates a communications campaign for Fathers' Day. 

The idea was to tell a story through the window display, as if it were a comic strip. Where the guys were also the stars and the story had a strong local feel.

Carlos Aires: Creativity, design and overall Project management. Elena de Andrés: Illustrations and sketches. Aires Photo Spirit: Photography.