Training Project for small business of Pontevedra “Plan a tu medida I, y II”

Year: 2010 and 2011. Location: Pontevedra, Spain. Title: Project for the Provincial Council of Pontevedra.

A pioneering project  to provide on-site advice and training for small shops in Pontevedra. The made to measure Planning I and II course was delivered 60 businesses across the province of Pontevedra. Spain.

In order to help small businesses, the Pontevedra Provincial Government launched the "Made to Measure" Plan in the second half of 2009. A training activity designed and delivered by MARKETING-JAZZ with an innovative format: Offering free tailored advice in Visual Merchandising to 20 previously-selected stores with an interest in differentiating themselves through the image and presentation of their product. 

The training project was developed in three stages:

  • During the month of September a customised report was prepared assessing the image of each establishment. This document also included recommended actions and creative proposals to improve each shop.
  • In October, two specialists taught 5 hours of onsite training in each of the shops, teaching how to improve product presentation with their own resources.
  • In December, the same Visual Merchandising specialist visited each shop to check how the traders followed the instructions. The plan works!

Eduardo Menéndez. MODERN DRUGSTORE:

“An exciting and novel Project for the trade. That strengthens and supports the traditional store. And that is a great help as they are learning directly from specialists on how to improve image”.


“It was surprising and sales increased. I'm very happy. We changed the style of the store. It was the boost we needed”.


“It was all positive, I learned a lot and I had a great time. They are very creative. An effective plan, it works. I sold 5 jackets at the start of the campaign on the same day they organised the store for me”.

Isolina Mougan. BRAVO COLD MEATS:

“ The customers noticed a change, it was very positive. It gave a very good impression”. 


Carlos Aires: Consulting, creativity, conducting commercial diagnoses and general management. Elena de Andrés: Illustrations and sketches. Javier Blanco: Technical Instructor in Window Displays and Visual Merchandising.