Design of the training courses and programme in retailing for the Madrid Chamber of Commerce

Year: 2009. Location: Madrid, Spain. Title: New Vision.

Designing classrooms and the training programme in window dressing and visual merchandising for the Business School.  Instituto de Formación Empresarial. C/ Pedro Salinas 11. 28043. Madrid. Spain

True to our training methodology, we design classrooms as if they were sales scenarios. Where light, colour, spaces, supports and students all work with one goal: to attract the customer.

We created two rooms specialising in window dressing by product size, a room with a window measuring 6.5 meters long and another measuring 3 meters. And another with three lines of window from 40cms up to 1.5 meters. Altogether up to 12 scenes prepared to tell beautiful stories. We'll show some of them now:

Title: "Baroque Christmas".      

Title: "Disco".

Title: "Funky Rain" by Beatriz Moreno and Virginia Raigal.

Title: "Art of Fashion" by Roxana, Charlotte Labadie and Ana María Pastor.

Title: "Dumping" by Ana María Pastor, Charlotte Labadie and Roxana.

Carlos Aires: Classroom design, Training program and overall direction. Elena de Andrés: Illustrations and sketches. Itziar Esteban-Infantes: Teacher of Window display and Visual Merchandising. Javier Blanco: Teacher of technical window display and Visual Merchandising. Cristina Poza: Coordinator and secretary. Aires Photo Spirit: Photography.