BRICO-RETAIL, Re-invent your point of sale yourself


Year: 2011. The new training workshop designed and delivered by LUXURY ADVISE and MARKETING-JAZZ.

Brico-Retail is the new training workshop designed and delivered by LUXURY ADVISE and MARKETING-JAZZ. Completely new, creative and 100% practical, adapted to today's world and for all those who have to deal with brands, distribution and, in general, the retail business.

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Brico-Retail is more than a course or a workshop; it is a professional development experience in which the learner studies the keys to successfully re-launching their business and finding the solutions on-site. But there's more... In Brico-Retail, after the training course, the learner comes out with their own "Survival Kit" to adapt immediately to their sales network, point of sale, or business.

Who is this aimed at? For proprietors, business managers, and any senior member of the Marketing, Sales, Communications, or Trade-Marketing staff who has responsibility and executive decision-making powers over the point of sale.

Class size: Maximum 12. Brico-Retail courses commence in February 2016. Each course lasts 12 hours and the course fee is €1,200 + VAT.

I took the BRICO-RETAIL course and...

"Since then I see more clearly what is needed in terms of the layout and the point of sale, what is lacking or what is surplus to requirements, circulation through the space, where to put the hot spots so that they can really do their job. At the same time this Brico Retail workshop helps you to clarify what a real customer experience is in the 21st century so that you and your brand can meet your customer's expectations.

It is a total experience with nice networking to back it up!" Juan Carlos Maroto. Marketing Manager Global Premium Brands.

I took the BRICO-RETAIL course and...

“Susana and Carlos will show you how to reach the hearts and minds of your customers, how to handle with new tools the strategic process of positioning, defining and materializing retail concepts that will set you apart from the competition . You will really find your niche in the market. Brico-Retail will reveal how to create fascinating experiences like the ones offered by the best in the business, with limited resources and leveraging the shared creativity of everyone in the team. An ordered creativity, that you learn how to channel in the course of the sessions. A workshop that not only develops you  but transforms you".

Ignacio Pastor Mayor. Retail and Resources Manager, GET.