Retail Training and Consulting

It is a well-known fact that how we present a product is key in achieving commercial success. Is the design of your space aligned with your business strategy? And with the brand experience? Do your staff know what your customers see and perceive based on the signals that your store gives out? Are your products presented in such a way that they make the most of the opportunities to be sold?  

“We offer you training workshops that are practical, consultative and creative, highly specialized at the point of sale.

Our own methodology. We bring together the principles of visual merchandising and retail design with practical training oriented at knowing how to look.

The courses run over one or two working days. Each day is divided into sessions and classes are conducted in our loft-study. If you prefer, we can also come to your point of sale and carry deliver the course on site. All workshops include at least one personalized session. We are sure that you will like them.

Another service that we are asked to provide is creative consulting for retail! We bring to you all of our creativity, the ideal solution so that the resources available in our commercial space will sell more. This is transformed into a memorable experience for your customers: A new shopping experience, a new layout, a new store front, sales area, graphic image ... we are already excited as we imagine your new store!"

Carlos Aires, creator of MARKETING-JAZZ.