Studio 54, creative hub of MARKETING-JAZZ

Year: 2015. Sales Area: 90m2. Location: Madrid, Spain.

We wanted to try our "own medicine" and experience at first hand what we do for our clients. Designing our work space, the creative hub of Marketing-Jazz with the principles of retail design. That is, to put the customer at the centre of everything we do, both the external customer and our own client - and the same goes for our product: creativity and design.  And why not include the the shopping experience and the customer experience? Let everyone who enters our studio see straight away what we do, that their purchasing decision becomes a reflex action: I want to work with MARKETING-JAZZ. I want to work here!

Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 1 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 2 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 3 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 4 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 5 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 6 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 7 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 8 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 9 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 10 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 11 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 12 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 13 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 14 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 15 Diseño Sede Marketing-Jazz, Madrid 16

Our creative hub is a loft on the outskirts of Madrid, which serendipitously has the number 54. It immediately brought to our minds the 1970s discotheque in New York and we have incorporated something of that in our creative concept of the space. After all, music is part of our brand's DNA.

The entrance is designed to make a big impression - the ceiling's outstanding feature is lamp in the shape of a double-bass, a musical instrument that has been with us since the early days of the brand. We just love to watch the surprise on our visitors' faces when they see it for the first time. 

Designing our work space was a task requiring precision and eye for detail. The floor surface area is just under 60 m2 and we could see immediately that we had to make the most of the loft's 5.5m height. We needed to have two floors without giving up the height: the whole point of being in a Loft. We also wanted the get the renovation work done as fast as possible. We solved the problem by having a structure held in place by just 4 columns to floor level and 2 columns attached to the steel frame, creating a central "cloister" space in which the top floor can be seen from every angle. Furthermore, in order to lose light and the feeling of height, part of the floor is made of glass.

The lower floor is designed to meet the following needs:

Social: A mini-kitchen to provide space for catering services during working meetings welcomes visitors, and we also have a wall with our brand name emblazoned on it that we use for photocalls. As we all know, social networks are part of our life today.  Alongside is another wall devoted to the display of the awards won by MARKETING-JAZZ.

Management and Training: Marketing-Jazz consists of high-performing teams that only meet at certain times in the course of the project in order to take decisions. The wall on the right is fitted out with two desks and 4 workstations each, with an electronic whiteboard in the centre that enables us to give presentations and manage the documentation of the various projects in a highly visible way. In the centre of the room is a round glass table for project meetings with the team and/or with clients.

Presentation and Prototyping: Marketing-Jazz's raison d'etre is creativity : coming up with the right idea to create a successful commercial space. We love our ideas and completed projects to be seen clearly. We have designed a 5.5 metre-tall shelving unit to be able to present, conceal and write down the first thing that comes into our heads. As well as that, we have a space for preparing mock-ups of prototypes, which is a display space for visual communication campaigns before we bring them to the point of sale.

A spiral staircase leads to the upper floor. This floor is used for working in silence, for inspiration, documentation and filing.

A mirror ball and three tentacles made by  a well-known Asian artist hang from the ceiling. Studio 54 is our creative hub - it's where we work, rest and play. It's what we like to call “Workplay”.

So, welcome to MARKETING-JAZZ, are you here to stay?

Carlos Aires: Creativity, design and overall management. Elena de Andrés: Sketches and illustrations. Xiang Seng and Lucía Esteban: Technical Design. Aires Photo Spriti: Photography.