Stand Marketing-Jazz at Infarma 2018

Year: 2018. Sales Area: 40m2. Location: Madrid, Spain.

Infarma is Spain's leading fair for the pharmaceutical sector held in Madrid and Barcelona in alternate years. Over three days, it brings together more than 30,000 visitors including pharmacy owners and the industry as a whole. To participate in Infarma with our own stand was an idea that we had been thinking about for some time.

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This year the conditions came together to make it worthwhile debuting at Infarma:

1) Presenting a new product on the market: Limited Edition Pharmacies, our integrated retail solution.

2) Celebrating in our city the 15th anniversary of Marketing-Jazz, “we have come of age” to make our debut in society.

Marketing-Jazz & the Pharmacies by Carlos Aires:

A stand that is consistent with the strategy of a luxury brand. Deciding the size and location of the stand were the first matters. It was never our priority to maximise the number of visitors to our stand, so we selected a location close to the central aisle and a size that would allow us to display our pharmacy concept with the utmost clarity. The design of the façade and signboard was a key element in giving our unique proposition its presence and style.  The use of a "shower" of multi-coloured ceramic pharmacy jars to convey the pharmacy atmosphere.  And the handwritten sign with the text: "The Pharmacies of Carlos Aires": personalisation. If there is something that sets Marketing-Jazz apart from the rest of its competitors it is the role played by a creative executive, Carlos Aires, heading up the personalised design and service that our clients receive.

Guided Tour A Walk-through with a Shopping Experience

Restricted access. We were clear that we did not want our stand to turn into a drop-in centre where the visitors would just claim a free gift and walk away.

Are you a Pharmacist? Do you have a pharmacy? Are you thinking of renovating it?

Thanks to the guided tour, all the visitors were well taken care of and they took away a memorable experience and the same message. 

The design of the stand simulates a full-size Limited Edition pharmacy. It features its walls, a single entrance, two windows, real furnishings, a chest of drawers, a cashier counter and real products.

Come in and take away and Limited Edition Pharmacy

Our aim was to convey this message very clearly through the participation of all partners in the project.

Straight away as you entered, Sensology's olfactory marketing created a very pleasant and memorable sensation of expectation.

The route through the stand began with ITC technology. The display of two video clips on an 80=inch HD television and with Bluetooth headphones created an immersion experience of the brand message. The first video focused on Marketing-Jazz and the day-to-day work of Carlos Aires. The second video explained the new concept of “Limited Edition Pharmacies”, our integrated retail solution for the 21st Pharmacy branch.

The wall “What´s New” was explained by TMP, our product partner of natural customised medicine. Its aim was to highlight the approach whereby the sale of own-brand natural products is integrated in the same outlet with pharmacological medications.

One of the features of this project to convey a professional image and enhance the customer service and sales management is to put medicine out there on the shop floor.   The chest of drawers by Willach was the main feature of the rear of the stand. It is widely recognised as the best in the market and was presented by Droff, their exclusive distributor in Spain. This wall was also utilised to display the images of Farmacia Ainhoa the first Limited Edition Pharmacy project to date. As well as the prizes for excellence in pharmacy design that Marketing-Jazz has been awarded right up to the present.

Two touch screens were on either side of the medications wall. The technology was supplied and programmed by our ICT partner. Thanks to these two screens, the pharmacist has two media to develop both the digital treatments brochure and digital communication campaigns proposed by Marketing-Jazz.

Muesco, makers of fine furniture with a long tradition, were entrusted with the production and assembly of all the stand's furniture; the walls, the special offers island and the cash desk counter, made from Corian®.

Without a doubt, one of the key aspects of the image and design of this new pharmacy concept is the LED lighting which is built into the units and enables us to use them as a medium of communication for product categories and to present the testers. This was the work of Luzco.

The accent lighting, based on rails with moveable LED projectors are made by the English firm Aurora Lighting, who specialise in retail outlet lighting. And last but not least, the firm Abezeta was responsible for the visibility and external signage.

At the end of the tour, visitors had the opportunity to talk with Carlos Aires. He listened to their individual needs and explained how to commission a Limited Edition Pharmacy or Designer Pharmacy, always starting with the Branding Pharmacies workshops.

Marketing-Jazz: Stand Design. Muesco: Furniture production and assembly. Abezeta: Signage production and assembly. Luzco: Furniture LED lighting production and assembly. Aurora: Accent lighting. Droff: Chest of drawers. TIC: Digital communication screens. Sensology: Olfactory marketing. TMP: Supply of customised brand for natural medicine. Photography: Luis Sanchez de Pedro Aires. Alcalá Impresores: Corporate stationery printing