Sevilla Football Club official store, connecting with fans

Year: 2017. Sales Area: 100m2. Location: Seville, Spain.

This project has been very special to us for several reasons: 

1) Because it’s the first retail project that we’ve worked on devoted to the world of football. We were delighted with SFC, the passion, the vision, and professionalism with which they’ve treated us.  2) For having been able to collaborate with Chavsa, our partner in Seville in charge of civil engineering, building and set up of the store.  We’ve discovered that partnering between creative retail studios such as ours and Shopfitting companies such as Chavsa works. And 3) Because it was a project won through competitive bidding. It’s always inspiring and reassuring to know that you project was chosen from among different professional options.


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Its location, as well as the club’s size and values, shaped the planning of the commercial space.

The location is at Avenida de la Constitución 40, one of Seville’s busiest tourist streets, near the Cathedral and across from the fountain where the club celebrates its championships.  

In light of this strategic location, it was clear to us that we had to make a connection between tourists and fans.  

Somewhat less than 100 m2 of commercial surface area with an elongated floor plan determined product selection, and the way to create the buying experience. It had to be clear, concise and memorable.   

The fact that we were in a historic building, and being the city’s first club strengthened for us the idea of executing an original proposal that was bold and elegant, with a certain majesty and Olé!   

The Photocall entrance. A giant screen at the entrance literally takes the store out into the street, prompting tourists and fans to take their pictures in front of it.  When you go into the store, it’s as though the stadium, the team or the fans were welcoming you to the Sevilla Futbol Club. To find the highest visual impact and integration with the club’s image, we designed a back wall with vertical LED lines in white and red on a black background.  And dominating the screen is the club’s coat of arms.

The “Goal” wall.  We wanted to differentiate the primary gear, what goes out onto the playing field, from the rest of the athletic equipment.  That’s how the idea of the “Goal” wall came up – a wall modelled on a goal, with the width of an official goal. On the playing field is where championships are won, so we decided to place a reproduction of the team’s list of trophies in the upper part. The staging is completed by raised and backlit AstroTurf, as we strive for an overall lightness.  We made use of oak trim to underscore the mood of nobility and foster commercial warmth.  

The “Locker room” wall.  Here’s where you’ll find the gear for your training.  A perforated metal backdrop allows for hanging things in flexible arrangements, and with two long benches, one above, and the other serving as seating, we’re reminded of the walls of a team’s locker room. The motto in back-lit block letters proclaims the club’s fighting spirit.    

The ball display. This is one of the most characteristic furnishings for this project.  The idea came up as we were thinking of the object that the football boot kicks – wouldn’t that be the ball?  We imagined a half sphere whose upper portion was divided into three sections, so we could present the sponsor’s different collections of football boots or running shoes.  

The “Fan Kit” wall. A true fan can be recognized by his cap, his scarf, his backpack, his coffee mug, his key chain and a whole long list of merchandising that the club has dreamt up thinking specially of him.  We designed this wall for all that stuff, right next to the cash register, with a view to impulse buying.   

Dressing rooms and customizing jerseys: Most buying decisions are made in the dressing room. And there’s no better place for a dressing room than right next to the area for customized jerseys. The club had the great idea of offering fans the possibility of customizing their jerseys with the image, name or number of legendary players.  

Technology and connecting with fans.

Creating an immersion environment, bringing the feeling of the stadium right into the point of sale, facilitating interaction with the customer and a whole long list of possibilities for connecting with fans – this has been the philosophy for technology in this store. A video world at the entrance to bring in passers-by and make a stunning impression. A digital touch screen right next to the “locker room” wall will serve to review game tactics.  Behind the cash registers, right at the back of the store, another screen connected to the video world content from the entrance underscores the club spirit, connecting directly to fans.   

Thanks, Sevilla Futbol Club!

Carlos Aires: Planning of commercial space, Creativity, Design and overall creative direction. Silvia Teijeiro: 3D Design. Ikuo Maruyama: Photography.