Flagship store of Marqués de Riscal

Año: 2014. Superficie de venta: 200m2. Ubicación: Alava, Spain.

Project awarded at the International Store Design Awards in New York. The result is a store that impresses with its luxury, accessibility, quality, creative touch and cool environment.

The remit: to design a store that can handle flows of up to 300 people at a time. To develop the shopping experience / brand consumption, to create a memorable image and permit the presentation of new products associated with the Marqués de Riscal lifestyle are the cornerstones of this retail project.

A key aspect of the design of this retail space is its layout, allowing it to handle a great deal of footfall. A layout divided into large areas depending on the type of product/service: The red wine wall, the white wine wall, the interior for lifestyle products, the counter for payment and reception and the tasting room.

The result is a store that turns heads with an accessible and luxurious environment in a classical-contemporary style with a cool and creative touch.

All the furniture is handmade from natural solid wood with different finishes. Always revealing the grain of the wood. The white wine wall, display units, wine racks and tables are made from barrels in gold leaf. The gold leaf was applied entirely by hand by means of an artistic technique used in the restoration of religious altarpieces.

The sale takes place on three levels. At eye level, bottles are presented one by one organised by the type of wine and price. At hand height, the sale of individual bottles and on a lower level, the sale of crates.

Technology-assisted sale by means of digital screens on each of the wine walls. The walkthrough ends in the tasting room. You’ll love the Marqués de Riscal store.

Carlos Aires: Creativity, Visual Merchandising and Project Management. Elena de Andrés: Illustrations and Sketches. Fernando Subirats and Domenico Reggio: Planimetry. Silvia Bellisco: Visual Merchandising. Ikuo Maruyama: Photography.