Sales and Work Spaces Design

Designing a sales space and designing a busy office must be geared to generating sales, a brand experience and a customer experience. In the work space, the "sale" comes about with the internal customer: the staff.

We know how to come up with designs for today's saturated marketplace, where technology is here to stay and has revolutionized how  we shop and work. Our work demands that we carry out a differentiation of the brand, of the strategic layout design; that we reflect on the product, the service, the price perception, the role of staff, the customer experience, the technological toolset, the style...each and every one of the details that go into making a customer opt for one brand rather than another.

We are retail designers: we design commercial spaces. This is a profession whose origins are in the US/UK and has existed for over half a century. It is now spreading worldwide. If you are thinking about creating a new concept for your store or work space, which professionals will you hire?  An architect? An interior Designer? A decorator? The real world of competition is far more complex. We dig deep into the entire sales process: we look at the name, customer type, product presentation, shopping experience, furnishing, architecture, store front, etc. We are passionate about creating new concepts, working as an integrated team, achieving consistency.

Carlos Aires, creator of MARKETING-JAZZ.