Design of the optical and auditory centre SONO-OPTICA

Year: 2011. Sales Area: 140m2. Location: Madrid, Spain.

Creativity and design for the first optical and auditory centre from a Japanese brand.

Conveys clearly the excellence of the professional services devoted to all areas of optometry and audiology.

Elegant, daring and unique with a touch of Zen is how we chose to create the first optical and auditory centre of reference in Madrid. From the logo to the slogan, the furniture, the graphics and window displays.
SONO-ÓPTICA is the latest brand to be taken to Spain by MENICON, the leading Japanese manufacturer of contact lenses, with the help of a local partner.
We have focused on creating different areas that do not only offer glasses and hearing aids, but also clearly convey the excellence of the professional services provided in all optometry and audiology areas. At SONO-OPTICA, the client will find rooms to try on lenses, two contactology booths, one booth for preliminary tests and another soundproof booth for hearing tests.
The natural wood floor gives it a “boutique” look and provides warmth to the “cold” conventional clinical services. The left wall is dedicated to glasses and furniture that simulates a moving “frame”, which zooms in and out of the client. On the right wall there are waves of the logo that turn into the stands displaying hearing aids. In the lenses area there are mirrors that display an eye, which is part of the logo.

These mirrors are designed in a way that when you sit opposite them there are no shadowed areas. The graphics of Mount Fujiyama and the corporate window displays are indicative of the brand’s origin.

Carlos Aires: Creativity, Design, Visual Merchandising and Project Management. Elena de Andrés: Illustrations and Sketches. Natalia Aires: Graphic Design. Silvia Teijeirio: Plans and industrial design. Aires Photo Spirit: Photography.