Pharmacy Mª Paz, health and wisdom go hand in hand

Year: 2017. Sales Area: 92m2. Location: Moaña, Galicia. Spain.

Un proyecto único, personalizado e integral

Knowledge - if something caught my eye about María Paz and her husband, Jose Ramón, it was knowledge: the wisdom that had accumulated over the years. It was clear that this intangible quality should be part of the project to create their new pharmacy brand, María Paz.

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We proposed capturing the essence of wisdom and health in a laboratory balance. We designed their new trademark as a cross joining 4 balances. The concept was beginning to take shape.

They had acquired premises in a historic, protected heritage building about 300 metres from their pharmacy. A move. A new location that represented an opportunity to approach the project from a modern perspective of commercial space management. Going from being a “pharmacy counter” to a “pharmacy experience”. The commercial premises were planned so as to arrange the space according to the customer's journey, the shopping experience and the business model. All the furniture are unique pieces, authentic works of art, and behind each is a story:

1. Historic furniture: One of the premises of the project was to conserve and update the historical furniture from the previous pharmacy. The furniture was made of solid, carved wood and included a wooden base. Our proposal was to create new furniture inspired by the historical furniture but in a paler colour, to make the transition to a whiter, cleaner and more modern pharmacy. Both the new and historic furniture have the same lighting treatment and product presentation.

2. “Beauty in Balance” furniture:  We managed to create a service area focused on beauty, in keeping with the style of the pharmacy and with a memorable and unique image. Its name is striking, “Beauty in Balance”, and this was the goal for us: a balanced beauty in line with the recommendations of Farmacias María Paz staff.

3. Book Furniture: Located in two areas, the children’s and their own natural brand. What could be better than a book to suggest knowledge? Each incorporates a free space for communication. The children's area to incorporate a digital screen and their own natural brand, a window to María Paz's office.

4. María Paz's office Maria Paz is the heart and soul of the pharmacy, and so her area must be at the heart of it all. A place where she can perform her management work while providing considered pharmaceutical care. A designed table surrounded by medicines, a board to explain or provide instructions and a large window to the sales area.

5. The Arch and the medicine cabinet: Wow! Without a doubt, this feature will leave you open-mouthed. An arch with an unsupported overhang of over 7 metres in length and 4 metres in height. All to show off the star category: medicines. Tall, upright and narrow cabinets presenting the coloured boxes of the most requested medicines according to the season. We had not done anything like it before.

6. Albarello counters:  Made of Corian. We had done something similar for Farmacia Hermosa,but that was in wood. They are authentic works of art, precision engineered with a beautiful backlighting system. We also incorporated the most current technology to facilitate operations management. We outdid ourselves here!  

7. María Paz Treatment Room: We prepared this area as a commitment to offering health treatments under the María Paz brand. A mirror, a stretcher and curtains to create the right atmosphere for service and the business moment.

8. The historical chest of drawers:  We did something that few pharmacy furniture houses do: restore historic furniture, preserving its functionality and adapting its image to the brand project. A great success in demonstrating how history can live alongside with the present.

9. Graphic communication ovals: One of the challenges in dealing with high ceilings is what to do with them if they are over 2.4 m high. The concept of “cold storage” is somewhat forbidden in retail. We created artistic illustrations to represent each of the areas of knowledge in the field of health that Farmacia María Paz offers its customers: in anatomy, cellular, beauty and children’s health. The final touch was a perimeter moulding made of oak. Health and wisdom go hand in hand.

10. Pharmacy sign: One of the limitations of working in heritage protected buildings is facades. The design of a sign located from the inside with a RGB LED programme.

A different floor. We chose flooring that provided a touch of freshness, of nature, with a memorable and endearing design. A floral motif with birds is a delight for the most sensitive customers.

Farmacia María Paz is a signature pharmacy. A unique, customised and integrated project. Where we worked on the brand, internal space and communication. An area that provides pleasure. An original, elegant and daring pharmacy with a heart.

Carlos Aires: Strategy, creativity, design and general management. Elena de Andrés: Sketches and artistic illustrations. Natalia Aires: Corporate image. Lucia Esteban: Technical design. Visual Merchandising: Farmacia María Paz team and Carlos Aires. Photography: Luis Sanchez de Pedro Aires.