La Farmacia de Isabel, healthy nobleness

Year: 2017. Sales Area: 50m2. Location: Guadalajara, Spain.

Healthy and youthful nobleness, lifelong

This is the concept that the brand project and development of the retail space set out to convey.  This concept is represented graphically in the logo based on a cross formed by petals and filigree, a design that evokes a noble past. The clients, a young married couple with a progressive outlook who want to impress their own style on their pharmacy which they aim to make a must-see in Guadalajara. 

01 Fachada farmacia Isabel Guadalajara por Marketing-Jazz 02 Letrero luminoso farmacia isabel por Marketing-Jazz 03 Farmacia Isabel diseno interior por Marketing-Jazz 04 Mobiliario Medicamentos cajas farmacia isabel por Carlos Aires 05 Diseno zona dermo y atencion farmaceutica farmacia isabel por Marketing-Jazz 06 Estanteria de Farmacia de Isabel diseñada por Marketing-Jazz 07 Diseño mobiliario farmacia isabel original por Carlos Aires 08 Interior farmacia de isabel nobleza y frescura por Marketing-Jazz 09 Entrada iluminada Farmacia Isabel Lorenzo Guadalajara por Marketing-Jazz 10 Fachada iluminada farmacia isabel por Marketing-Jazz 12 Diseño cruz ornamental Farmacia Isabel Marketing-Jazz Bolsas corporativas Farmacia Isabel por Marketing-Jazz 14 DIseño identidad corporativa Farmacia Isabel por Marketing-Jazz


Presence and style in the shop front: the acquisition of the premises next door enabled the the shop front to be enlarged, thereby gaining street presence. This is a neighbourhood pharmacy, with a loyal clientele of elderly customers. We were clear that we wanted to create an image of a traditional pharmacy, one with which the clientele would identify. We decided to use brick cladding, so that it would look like a Spanish village house. The metal sign has an Oxiron® paint finish and is fitted with lamps.

Specialization in sales areas in a small space is always a challenge and even more so if the aim is to create a single, clear, original and quality image. The central area is dominated by three columns, one of which is an existing pillar that has been given a coat of plaster, around which is a table with water to reinforce the experience of trying out skin products and the selling of promotional gift boxes. The other two columns are designed to hold products that are on special offer and optical items. The wall on the right displays products from the floor to the ceiling and is focused on the "Wellness" category. The wall on the right is used for skin products, which is undoubtedly one of the main specialities  of La Farmacia de Isabel.

Medication is at the rear. The heart of the pharmacy: we have set out to put medicine on centre stage bringing the traditional back room into the sales area. In order to do so, we have designed a single cabinet which combines the presentation of medication advertising with drawers for prescription medication.   The till counters provide a touch of sobriety, professionalism and nobleness.

Isabel's office: The passion for customer service and individual attention is one of the values of Isabel's Pharmacy. We designed Isabel's office to offer pharmaceutical service in a visual form as if it were a shop window with a face-to-face feel through a door that links the office to the sales area.

The idea we want to embody behind the lighting design was to combine the use of natural light with artificial light. Large windows distributed across the shop front provide natural light to the customer and staff. Moreover, all of the furnishings are fitted with warm white LED lighting to enhance the product visibility. We have added an illumination feature to the front of the products by fitting swivelling LED projectors situated at the front of each of the walls where products are displayed. We added a decorative lighting touch to the shop front with French-style LED lamps that have recall bygone times.

Finishes, general selection of materials.

The materials were selected to create an impression of a traditional old-time pharmacy, with a contemporary, professional and warm image and purchasing experience. As soon as you step inside you lose all sense of time.

In a 3-colour chessboard pattern for the floor surface, which adds a contemporary feel and creates a memorable, almost hypnotic effect. The furniture is made of oak with lacquered white shelves to provide a clear, noble and quality image.

Carlos Aires: Strategy, Creativity, design and general management. Elena de Andrés: Illustrations and sketches. Natalia Aires: Corporate image. Xiang Sun: Technical design. Visual Merchandising: Carlos Aires. Photography: Ikuo Maruyama.