Boticana Pharmacy, health and healthy beauty

Year: 2014. Sales Area: 136m2. Location: Jaén, Spain.

Project awarded at the International Store Design Awards in New York.

Boticana means Ana´s Drugstore. I'm Ana, pharmaceutical and this is my home: toilet, office, dining room ...

Situated in Alcalá la Real, a small town in the province of Jaén. 136 m2 of fresh and colourful retail space. The most joyful pharmacy we have designed to date.

Diseño de farmacias por Marketing-Jazz - Farmacia Boticana - Premio Retail Design

The underlying concept of the design is to make the pharmacy’s customers and users feel completely at home. ‘BOTICANA’ means “Ana’s Drugstore” in Spanish. “Hello, I’m Ana, and this is my home. Come in and check out the spaces that have been designed especially to enhance your health shopping experience” ... reads a signboard placed in the entrance to the pharmacy.

A cheerful, colourful shop front with large plant pots and flowers of the season that please the eye and give a hint of what you will find inside. In the entrance hall: a table and a cabinet with Albarello ceramic medicinal jars, test tube, high-precision weighing scales and two prints with the logo of Farmacia Botanica welcome us.

Just like someone’s home, Boticana is divided into different spaces and each one of them is associated with a specific type of product:

- “The Dressing Table” is devoted to skin care: a table with mirrors invites you to try out the products and have a make-over on the spot.

- “The Office” is an intimate space, with a table and a couch so that you can avail of a wide range of consultations, health services, advice on pharmaceuticals and specialized treatments ranging from nutrition, blood pressure tests and blood samples.

-“The Kitchen” reminds us of our own kitchen, with a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and table. There you can find everything related to food, nutrition and healthy dieting.

- “The Bathroom” is a refreshing space where the product presentation features four washbasins and a wall with niches. Toothpaste, shower gel, soap, shampoo, and other accessories are on display. For him and for her. Everything you would expect to find in your very own bathroom.

- Finally, there’s “The Library”, at the rear of the building, so that while you are waiting for your medication to be dispensed you can check out more of the pharmacy’s product range.

The corporate image we have designed for Boticana is very appealing and eye-catching, from the logo to the signage and packaging. Everything is cheerful and fun. Farmacia Boticana, health and beauty combined.

Carlos Aires: Creativity, Visual Merchandising and Project Management. Elena de Andrés: Illustrations and Sketches. Natalia Aires: Graphic Design. Silvia Bellisco: Visual Merchandisign. Silvia Teijeiro: Planimetry. Ikuo Maruyama: Photography.