I+ Pharmacy

Year: 2015. Sales Area: 200m2. Location: Sevilla, Spain.

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1.I+ Pharmacy concept is based in a very simple brand idea: Union makes you stronger. Each pharmacy it is represented by a single cross. We have create the first pharmacy chain for the Spanish market with a very clear image. To become "The Apple" of the pharmacy store. I+ pharmacy it is designed like a "Lego" concept  a retail design that could work and fit for a 30m2 pharmacy store or up to 300m2 one.

2.I+ Pharmacy it is designed based in a purchase category for different types of clients and moments of purchase. A new pharmacy store concept where the client can find in the same building medical services and buy health, beauty and nutrition products also products with  medical prescriptions. A lay out with freedom of movement that invites you to enjoy shop experience based on quality and sales areas differentiates 

3.Led lights trace the customer journey by illuminating inside furniture to bright the product. Always with warm white color light  to make customer feel good. The product and walls are illuminated using movable spotlights which provide extra impact thanks to a combination of halogens and halides and Led. Depending of the product category. 

4.The materials have been selected to give the impression of being in a “modern - warm- natural & professional” pharmacy. Dibon brushed it is used at the storefront and for the medicaments wall gives a modern and futuristic image for the brand. The floor made by cement sends a freedom of movement  for the customer journey. Furniture is made of "Olive Fresno" a natural wood that comes from the south of Spain helps to have a natural and local shop experience. 

5.Each product category it is represented by differents visuals. Dermocosmetics, wherethe laboratories are key for driven the purchase are used their brand images. Nutrition, natural medicine and wellness with conceptual images with a neutral feeling. For the child area we have used a known spanish illustrator to make a personalized illustrations based in animals with a human touch. Also for reinforced the human service of the pharmacy chain the pharmacist and staff has been photographed.


Carlos Aires: Creatividad, diseño y dirección general. Elena de Andrés: Ilustraciones y bocetos. Natalia Aires: Imagen Corporativa. Lucia Esteban: Diseño Técnico. Silvia Teijeiro: Diseño 3D. Inés Moreno: Ilustraciones infantiles. Visual Merchandising: Carlos Aires y Elena de Andrés. Ikuo Maruyama: Fotografía