The I+ Pharmacy group grows with Marketing-Jazz

Year: 2016. Sales Area: 285m2 total group sales area. Location: Sevilla, Spain.

Ever since we created the new retail and branding concept for the I+ Chemist group in 2015, the group has not stopped growing.  In 2015 there were two chemists that aimed to change their image, one of them was awarded the first prize in the prestigious Store Design Awards. So the key was to come up with a concept that would allow the business strategy of the proprietary Chemist to be implemented with a recognisable image and purchasing experience, whether it be a 200m2 or 30m2 chemist.

Diseño grupo farmacias I+ por Marketing Jazz

With the idea of expanding the new I+ Chemist concept  as much as possible, we took one more step: To make it possible to repeat and to adapt the concept according to the available resources of each owner. What was the result? A similar image and purchasing experience based on different materials, and using local suppliers. Seeking to always be the best chemist in the region of influence for the area where it is located. 

Below you can see 4 new projects from the I+ Chemist group that we finished in 2016 and that reflect this new philosophy of retail branding in the world of chemists:

I+ Pharmacy Antonio Campos

84.53 m2 of commercial space. Located in the Ciudad Carlet neighbourhood in Seville. Possibly the chemist with the most day-to-day operations in the group. It was necessary to include 6 counters and two robotic lowering devices in the planning of the commercial space. In terms of materials, the combination of flooring and walls was chosen to represent the best quality-price relationship.

Diseño farmacia I+ Antonio Campos por Marketing Jazz

I+ Pharmacy Isabel Cano

69 m2 of commercial space. It has become the landmark chemist in the town of Olivares, Seville. The key to planning this chemist shop was to include 4 counters, and to create a number of specialised sales areas, as well as a pharmaceutical care room visible from the shop window. 

Diseño farmacia I+ Isabel Cano por Marketing Jazz

I+ Pharmacy Nieves González

102 m2 of commercial space. Chemist located in Torrelaguna, Seville. Equipped with 6 counters, divided into two large areas, one for medicine and the other for beauty and well-being. The way the patio has been integrated into the presentation of the natural products is striking. 

Diseño farmacia I+ Nieves González por Marketing Jazz

I+ Pharmacy Luis Molina

29m2 sales room. It has become an icon of modernity in the Puerto de Piedrafita neighbourhood in Seville. 3 retail counters and two distinct sales areas in a very small space. As a gesture to tradition, the façade incorporates the existing tiles, decorated with albarelli motifs. 

Diseño farmacia I+ Luis Molina por Marketing Jazz

Carlos Aires: Strategy, Design, Visual Merchandising and general management. Silvia Teijeiro: 3D Design. Lucia Esteban: Technical Design. Xiang Sun: Technical Design. Ikuo Maruyama: Photography.