Limited Edition Pharmacy Design

Our Limited Edition Pharmacies concept is aimed at the Pharmacist who seeks to improve the profitability and sales of their business. The first Limited Edition Pharmacy model is called "Mercedes" and it has been designed by Carlos Aires.

This ensures fixed prices for the production of the furniture and fittings. Standardisation in processes and tight implementation times. The incorporation of new technologies and the development of a natural medicine proposition integrated in the commercial outlet. With the exclusivity and personal attention that is our hallmark.

With  a comprehensive service, we offer you a design for a successful pharmacy. We take care of the strategic and creative project, from planning the sales space to designing the storefront, from the shopping experience to the furniture and fittings, branding, communication and staff training in visual merchandising.

The first model of a Limited Edition Pharmacy is called “Mercedes” and is designed by Carlos Aires. It comes on to the market with a limited production run of 25 pharmacies throughout the national territory. To quote Carlos Aires, “This pharmacy design sets out to recapture the professional image of medication. A pharmacy that integrates and brings together pharmacological and natural medications in the same outlet. In which Light & Colour are the design tools to convey health and feeling. And which, thanks to technology, we respond to the need to communicate the dozen or so campaigns that laboratories are launching and that have to co-exist in the same sales space.  With the hallmark of elegance, originality and quality for which we are renowned. "An exclusive pharmacy that comes fully equipped as standard ”.