The firm: a seal, a philosophy, a team

MARKETING-JAZZ is the first Spanish firm that specializes in visual marketing. Created by Carlos Aires in 2002, its core business is the creative design of commercial spaces to boost sales.

We identify ourselves with business owners/entrepreneurs who want to make a difference anywhere around the globe. We take care of the entire process. The creative and integrated design at the point of sale. Image and communications. Expert consulting and specialized training for staff in visual merchandising.

MARKETING-JAZZ: creative retail design.

El equipo de Marketing-Jazz

MARKETING-JAZZ is a seal of quality, a philosophy for work and for life, that brings together a highly professional team with one objective: to amaze your customer.

We asked some of the team seven questions, "seven musical notes" and these are some of their responses:

1. How would you define MARKETING-JAZZ?

"A small visual marketing firm with an autonomous, young and multi-disciplinary team.  We stand out from the crowd in terms of our work and the close relationship we build up with our client. For this reason,  I think that the real competition will take a long time to appear ;)” Elena de Andrés.

With a team of professionals guided by an MC who ensures that the work makes sense and is in tune...

It is a dynamic project whose focus is on the creation of commercial spaces with an attractive and functional design.: Natalia Aires.

"It's like a factory of new ideas and creativity."  Silvia Teijeiro.

It is the first Spanish firm that specializes in Visual Marketing. Its main purpose is to create new retail concepts to boost sales. With added value throughout the process: creative and integrated design at the point of sale, branding and communication, expert consulting and staff training and development in visual merchandising." Alicia G. Cabrera.

Filosofia Marketing-Jazz

2. What  is MARKETING-JAZZ for you?

"My work, the company that I have watched grow and which forms part of my daily life. At the end of the day, Marketing-Jazz is part of me, it's my second family. ;)” Elena de Andrés.

"A stable and enriching client, that allows me and forces me to improve day after day." Natalia Aires.

 "It is a source of inspiration, a versatile concept that offers clients unique solutions that are filled with good design." Silvia Teijeiro.

We don't just stop at merely designing spaces, we sell creativity with a clarity of image. We specialize in retail design, in which all of the concepts are intended to convey the message that the customer needs/wants. The history of that project, building the brand, where sales results really matter." Alicia G. Cabrera.

Marketing-Jazz: La Firma 1

3. What does MARKETING-JAZZ offer you?

"I can work on what I enjoy without neglecting other fields that matter to me." The fact that I am autonomous enables me to organize my time depending on the workflow. And of course, I am always learning new things." Elena de Andrés.

"The opportunity to continue to grow as a professional alongside my brother." Natalia Aires.

"The real opportunity to learn about retail in very different projects, dealing with all of the parts of interior design, lighting, furniture design, etc. and all of this with a large dose of creativity." Silvia Teijeiro.   

"It offers me a project that I believe in and motivates me, and this has always been the most important point for me - I work on the basis of feelings and so I need to believe in the person who takes on the role of leader. Being able to have a sincere relationship, one of trust - to sum up, to have a good professional relationship and one in which we work as a team. In which I can learn something new every day, but also contribute, as it is a young and fresh company, in which everything is possible. Even though it has been in the business for 13 years, it is relatively new in its specializing in an integrated concept for points of sale. In terms of strategy it is still in progress. It has been deeply satisfying to come on board at a time when the firm is beginning to immerse itself in creating the new MARKETING-JAZZ.”  Alicia G. Cabrera.

Marketing-Jazz: La Firma 2

4. What can you offer to MARKETING-JAZZ?

“Professionally the best of myself: hard work, experience,  dedication and a lot of optimism (albeit not always at the best of times). I was also continue to offer the reliability that I have proven over the last few years, which is often difficult for someone to do if they work freelance.”Elena de Andrés.

“A fresher focus or vision, original designs and strategies.” Natalia Aires.

“Enthusiasm and experience in a range of fields, collaborating on the development of the furnishings, management, virtual image, design, etc.... “ Silvia Teijeiro.

“Vision, a different point of view. I believe that everyone in the team or who works with the team is a professional in their field. I have been "on the other side of the fence". I have been the client of other firms in the business, as Director of  Boutiques for Carrera y Carrera I have experienced first hand the processes of creating the retail concept, and I have also been a part of that process. As manager of two franchises, as an entrepreneur with my own business, as a manager for Casa Decor for companies, in the sales and marketing of an exhibition in the interior design business, being a communication and branding platform for all of those brands. I can bring to the table my sales experience, my experience with the customer, in visual merchandising from the point of sale, in the purchase indicators in the real world and in retail, and more specifically in the high-end luxury segment. This has meant that I now base everything on the shopping experience and on excellence. In addition, I am a gemmologist and jewellery designer, and this means that I understand the culture of aesthetics. All of the above helps me to appreciate retail design." Alicia G. Cabrera.

Marketing-Jazz: La Firma 3

5. The best thing about MARKETING-JAZZ is…..

"The personal touch of a small company and the large-scale projects of a great business. Quality, distinction and recognition. Once the work is done, I take great pride in the results." Elena de Andrés.

"That calls for the highest level of perfection and dedication and this makes you constantly improve." Natalia Aires.

“The versatility, the originality of the projects and the wide range of services that they offer to the customer .“ Silvia Teijeiro.

“How you interact with your customer is the source of your success. Customers feel satisfied because you tell them the story they want to hear, with the style they want for their business, but always based on visual marketing to increase sales. It's made by the author, handmade, and each project is unique and non-replicable.”Alicia G. Cabrera.

Marketing-Jazz: La Firma 4

6. The worst thing about MARKETING-JAZZ is…..

“Like any freelance work, the worst thing is the lack of economic security which produces a lot of stress when there are slack periods :(“ Elena de Andrés.

"The extremely high level that is demanded and the limited time to develop or design branding can be exhausting." Natalia Aires.

These questions - ha ha! - and in my role of course I have so many more projects that I work on!" Silvia Teijeiro.

"The low degree of market penetration. I mean, there are still many prospective clients that don't know the difference between a retail designer, and what that can offer you, compared to an interior designer or the architect who just does the building project. Or that you can combine both.”Alicia G. Cabrera.

Marketing-Jazz: La Firma 5

7. How do you see the future/ your future with MARKETING-JAZZ?

“MARKETING-JAZZ is going to continue to garner recognition and increasing numbers of clients are going to rely on us. Collaborations with leading firms, together with the new activities that we intend to take up in training and consulting, will bring us the stability that we now need. The steady flow of work, without going overboard, will allow us to enjoy each of our jobs. But this will not change the present system, as I think this is what sets us apart from the rest". Elena de Andrés.

"With a permanent staff that is increasingly larger. To be able to create and develop my own creative branding concepts." Natalia Aires.

I imagine that I will continue to work on new projects as they arise, above all with the new focus planned, and hoping that you will tell us more about what the new MARKETING-JAZZ will be like ....the best of luck!' Silvia Teijeiro.

I imagine it as a leader in the Health segment, not just in Pharmacies. I imagine being able to select the clients that can really let us have creative freedom in terms of what we can offer and who know how to express that after we have designed the project. I mean, that the sales space stays the same and that the relationship with them is not limited merely to the project, but that it is like the one we have with Marques de Riscal, for instance. To be able to continue working together over the years to help them to grow as a brand and also in terms of sales." Alicia G. Cabrera.